Shinn Hua was founded in 1998, located in Taishan city central, Guangdong Province, in Pearl River delta. As an exclusively HongKong funded enterprise, our company carries out the ISO operation system under the leadership of board of directors, and were granted by 'icti', 'GSV', latest 'FSC' licenses for export business practise, and the export permit license for books & publications as granted by 'Administration of Press and Publication (Copyright Bureau) of Guangdong Province'.


To meet the growing expectations and progressive beliefs, continually seek the innovation technology and improve the production flow is our target since company is established in 1998. Throught years of unremitting effort that leaded by the board and all factory members, Shinn Hua has grown into a large-scale group which specialized in Conventional & hardcover books, Children books, Luxary paperboard box packaging, various Corrugated delicate packaging and Novelty items. 


As a progressive & ripe enterprise, we are driven to continually improve and provide quality products and service in order to give you what you want!